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June 24, 2017 - June 25, 2017
JW Marriott, INDIA

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Master Franchising gives a broader business perspective and idea to such franchise partners who see the game at a higher level. The Master Franchise Expo will showcase over 200+ Master and Multi-unit Franchise Brands from over 15 countries of the world where Entrepreneurs will be able to lock deals, raise funding for their ventures, connect with multiple high net worth investors and establish sustainable and substantial business model for master franchise in the market while discovering new products and technologies.

Parallelly, there will be a Master Franchise conference that offers a perfect amalgamation of innovation and ideas for all entrepreneurial franchisees to plan and implement strategies that will help them meet their business objectives to grow their businesses by adding units or territories, brands and network. Such franchisees will get a chance to network with global and Indian franchise companies and seek finance for building their large enterprise.

The nature of franchising is changing, as is the level of sophistication, wealth and ability of franchisees. The Annual Master Franchise expo and conference 2017 will provide a platform for adept franchisees to educate themselves and harness information regarding the next step in their franchising voyage.

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