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VaporFi (US) Begins International Expansion

07 Aug 2017 - Today, VaporFi announced an international expansion of the franchise with stores in Suriname and Guatemala opening soon, and plans for future locations in China and the U.K., making the Miami-based brand the consumer's choice in a growing industry starved for a market leader and standards voice.

"What may seem like aggressive growth on our part is quite simply our response to strong consumer demand," said VaporFi CEO, Nick Molina. "Vaping is far more than a fad or a trend – it's become the choice of informed people who make it part of their daily lifestyle, and VaporFi is a brand they can trust," he added.

On expansion meeting demand: "Just as our customers are eager to purchase VaporFi juices, pens and other devices, we're eager to provide them with better options to make the switch. And it's all backed by incomparable convenience, variety, quality and service, whether that consumer is in the U.S. or abroad," commented Molina.

On US FDA policy and business planning: "We are opening 17 brick-and-mortar stores in 6 states across the country in order to keep up with the US consumer who is pleading with the FDA to look beyond politics and allow them to make an informed decision, and not what is best for Big Tobacco and Big Pharma," said Molina from VaporFi's U.S. headquarters.

WHY: The vaping industry continues to outpace others industry in both real and projected financial growth, as well as gaining consumer trust:

Research and Markets has announced the addition of the "Global E-cigarette & Vaporizer, Device and Aftermarket, Analysis and Forecast, 2016-2025" report to their offering. The global e-cigarette market is poised to grow over $47 billion by 2025 at a double digit CAGR from 2015 to 2025.

According to Wells Fargo (e-cig market) sales are expected to hit $10 billion by 2017. They also predict that "e-cigs have the potential to eventually surpass tobacco sales. In markets such as the UK where vape studies are underway, More than half of British vapers have now quit smoking tobacco, a recent one suggests. Among the millions of tweets that Americans shared between January 2015 and March 2017, there were about 55,000 that made reference to vaping. WHO: VaporFi

WHERE: Atlanta, GA (7 Locations)
Baltimore, MD (1)
Honolulu, HI (2)
Providence, RI (1)
Tampa, FL (3)
TBD, PA (3)
International - Suriname (1)
International - Guatemala (1)
VaporFi is also preparing for future store openings in China and the United Kingdom.

About VaporFi
VaporFi is an electronic cigarette/vapor products manufacturer that coupled its strong presence in the online e-commerce vapor market with U.S. and international retail locations. Having launched to immediate success and experienced rapid expansion through franchising, VaporFi remains the most exciting brand of electronic cigarette, e-liquid and vapor products around.




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