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Jollibee (Philippines) Targeting a Late 2018 Opening for Guam

12 Jan 2018 - The Jollibee corporate office in the Philippines has confirmed that the Filipino fast-food giant will once again open a branch here on Guam later this year.

The target opening is the fourth quarter of 2018, according to a statement from the corporate office.

Maxi D. Peralta Jr., assistant vice president and head of international franchising at Jollibee Foods Corp., spoke on behalf of the company. Peralta stated Jollibee's first store on Guam will be located in the vicinity of Marine Corps Drive and Route 16/Army Drive in Dededo.

"We have carefully chosen a location that is strategic and within Guam's main retail circulation," Peralta told The Guam Daily Post.

Micronesia Mall location?

According to reports received by the Post, the new Jollibee will be built within the Micronesia Mall compound, although mall management has yet to confirm the reports.

Peralta said the company cannot disclose the franchisee's name yet.

"As a preferred strategy for expansion and similar to our approach in other markets, we have already awarded a territory franchise for Guam," Peralta told the Post. "Our franchise partner has successful business interests in Guam and the Philippines."

Overseas expansion plans

Known for its crispy fried chicken, sweet spaghetti and other Filipino twists on patties, hot dogs, egg rolls and noodles, Jollibee's Guam re-entry was announced as part of its overseas expansion plans.

Jollibee Chairman Tony Tancaktiong spoke to Manila media about Jollibee's overseas plans after the company's latest annual stockholders meeting in July 2017. Guam was mentioned in the list of planned franchise locations.

Jollibee had two franchise-run restaurants on Guam and two on Saipan, but its Marianas presence ended more than a decade ago as the islands went through an economic downturn. Jollibee also had trouble competing with Guam players that offered larger portions.

The company builds, runs and franchises quick-service restaurants. A Jollibee international franchise applicant must have a minimum net worth of $5 million, according to the company's website.

Internationally, Jollibee had 139 stores with 32 in the United States, 72 in Vietnam, 13 in Brunei, one in Hong Kong, two in Singapore and 19 in the Middle East, according to the company's profile for investors.

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