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Le Grenier a Pain (France) Awards Middle East Franchise

12 Apr 2018 - The French Le Grenier à Pain franchise coming directly from Paris with the presence of the founder Chef Michel Galloyer, Sheikh Mohamad Kamal JamJoom and Prince Bandar Bin Khaled Bin Fahed Al Saud has opened its first branch in the Middle East in Riyadh on Friday.

The opening ceremony also hosted crème de la crème of the society, the Belgium ambassador, Saudi businessmen, among others.

Sheikh Mohamad Kamal JamJoom, Chairman Jamjoom Group, and Le Grenier à Pain told Saudi Gazette “we are pleased to open the first branch of Le Grenier à Pain. It took us long time to search for a famous and reputable company in Paris. Michel Galloyer has 30 branches in Paris, is known for his high quality products and he is the author of many books that are flagship and being taught in some universities in The United States and other countries.“

“Now we are the franchise in the Middle East from this first branch in Riyadh to more cities and countries in the region. Our products are daily fresh and made here, and we promise to preserve the high Parisian quality all the time.”

“Our main aim is to transfer the French experience to Saudi Arabia and to train Saudi youth for the industry,” Jamjoom added.

Chef Michel Galloyer, president Le Grenier à Pain, said: “Our brand is going parallel with the school that depends on the ‘Know How’ and the well done work. All products are craft handmade bakery and not with frozen dough.”

“In the Gulf region more and more people are travelling and they want to go back to the real things, craft bakery and craft food, they are fed up of fake stuff, they want to have this kind of concept, so why not from Saudi Arabia and then with Jamjoom Group we can expand our business towards other middle East countries because in the ME people consume and like mostly the same things. So, if we are successful here, hopefully we will be successful in other countries of the region.”

“We always adapt the products to suit the customers. Decoration is made the way the Saudi people would like it. We do not do the best bread but we do our best to make the bread. Our main concern is to transfer the ‘Know How’. We are proud to see the team working and that everything they learnt from us is made.”

“Our concept is school and based on transmission and that is why training Saudi youth is our main target. It is very important is to educate Saudi trainees all about this bakery industry as a key factor to the new generation.”

“For me my main concern is to transmit the ‘Know How’ the people. The best way of thanks is when students surpass me,” Galloyer said.

Saudi Gazette



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