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International Franchise Marketing

World Franchise Centre

World Franchise CentreWorld Franchise Centre ( is the only franchise portfolio totally dedicated to international country or regional, multi unit, master and area franchise development opportunities.

Email Marketing Campaigns

World Franchise Associates will create and run email marketing campaigns to our extensive prospect-databases in targeted markets. Please take a look at some of our recent email campaign designs showcased in our Eshot Gallery here.

World Franchise Forums

World Franchise ForumsAs an international franchise development, marketing and media company World Franchise Associates (WFA) specialises in presenting multi-unit master and area franchise opportunities to delegates. There is no better way of bringing together franchised brands and investors. These one or two day events are regularly held in different countries.

The Program provides valuable insights to acquire and to build successful multi-unit franchise networks. The Forums enable delegates to be introduced to a wide range of exclusive international brands, which are seeking partners. Delegates can learn from the experiences of seasoned professionals and benefit from business meetings.

Stuart Nielsen, Condé Nast Restaurants "I personally think World Franchise Associates do an amazing job of bringing together like minded people and a lot of real business deals are discussed and concluded."

Franchise Matchmaking Program

International Franchise Matchmaking ProgramWe work with you to produce a Candidate Profile which will include financial capability, management resources, industry experience and any factors which target the ideal candidate. We then assign a multilingual business graduate Matchmaking Researcher to research the market producing a database with full contact fields.

At the end of each week the researcher sends a pre-agreed email to each contact in the Candidate Database written in English and the local language alerting the candidates to your franchise investment opportunity.

Responses are immediately forwarded to the franchisor for follow up and the weekly database is forwarded at the end of each week. The researcher will work with you to develop dialogue and meetings either at your head office or in the target country.


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