World Franchise Review - Spring 2015 - page 11

management. In themidst of a long-termglobal
economic recessionBiglari encouragedSteak ‘n
Shakeon toachieveadynamicuplift in sales and
earningswithclose to40%cumulativegrowth in
customer trafficover the last sixyears.
Newpremiummenu itemshavebeenaddedand
new storedesigns– includinga sleek, elegant and
BiglariDesign, a subsidiaryof theBiglari group.
Thecustomizedmodular restaurant designs allow
franchisees to select frommultipleoptions tobest
suit their site-specificpropertyneeds,with flexible
solutions inbuilding sizes ranging from70 square
meters to300plus squaremeters.An inviting,
pleasingaesthetichas contributed toa significant
increase in the financial performanceof franchise
owners, cultivatedongoingexpansion in the
USAand supported thenew international
“Looking to the future,” says thecompany,
“whatwill setSteak ‘nShakeapart from the
competition isBiglariDesign’s creativedrive
toprovide the finest designandaesthetics inan
unmatched setting, combinedwithSteak ‘n
Shake’s commitment topremium, highquality
ingredients anddistinctivepreparationat
excellent prices.”
Steak ‘nShake ispositioned to fill the voidof
gourmet burger chainsofferingpremiumburgers
at anaffordableprice inEuropeand theMiddle
East.Thecompany is actively looking for
ambitiouspeople topartnerwith thebrandand
help todevelop these regions.
As an internationallyexpandingbrand,Steak
‘nShake is looking toworkwithpeoplewhoare
passionateabout itsmission: “toconstantly serve
ourpatrons thehighest qualityburgers and
shakes alongwithextending themgreat service
at the lowest possibleprices.”
Steak ‘nShake franchiseowner arepromisedall
the support andexpertise theyneed for success.
A structured trainingprogramhasbeendesigned
to teach the franchisee’smanagement team the
fundamentalsof operatingaSteak ‘nShake
restaurant includingoperations, leadership
development,management skills, food safetyand
overall businessdevelopment.Everymanagerwill
receivehands-on technical trainingcoveringevery
position in the restaurant.
Thecompany’squalified set-upconsultants and
support teamassist in settingup restaurants and
training staff,maintainingavailability toprovide
ongoing support toaddress any issues for the
entire termof development.Steak ‘nShake
carefullydevises a full supplychain solution for
everymarket it operates in,while franchisees are
suppliedwith state-of-the-art tools to increase
efficiency, bothbeforeandafteropening.As the
businessgrows thecompany’s extensivecatalogue
ofmarketingprogramsprovideall necessary tools
Thecompany reflects: “This is anopportunity to
capitalizeon theever-growingworldwidehunger
forpremium, hand-madeburgers andmilkshakes
withahighly successful, classicAmericanbrand
expanding inEuropeand theMiddleEast.”
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