World Franchise Review - Spring 2015 - page 13

“TheAlQurashi family isproudof itsheritage
andexpertise inperfumedevelopedovermore
than150years,” saysCEOMohammadAbdul
SamadAlQurashi. “Our success,whichhas
beenpasseddown fromgeneration togeneration,
isbasedonmaintainingour customers' precious
confidencewithproducts thatmeet all theirneeds
and tastes.”
ASQ is seeking tobuildupon itsglobal reachwith
further international franchisepartners sought in
suitablemarkets.Retail industryexperienceanda
capability to roll outmultiple stores in shopping
mall locationsareprerequisite.
“The four sonsofAbdul SamadAlQurashi
preserved thenameand thehistoryof their
fatherwithASQ,” says theCEO. “Theyenriched
itwithcreativity tohelp thecompanybecomeone
of thebest sourcesof perfumery in theworld,
withover1,000products andmore than500
stores.After yearsof success andexcellence in
perfumeryworld,wearepleased tooffer suitable
partners theopportunity tobecomepart of our
franchise family.”
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