Join us at #VMHG Discovery Day

Meet VMHG Shareholders and Visit Brisket Southern BBQ & Bar, The Bite Gourmet Burger Restaurant, and Yardbird Gourmet Fried Chicken

One on One Meetings with Von Matt Hospitality Group
7 - 15 Nov, 2019

Von Matt Hospitality Group (VMHG) is a family owned business based in Zurich, Switzerland that owns 3 American-style fine-casual restaurants in Zurich including The Bite, Brisket Southern BBQ & Bar and Yardbird Gourmet Fried Chicken. VMHG’s specialization lies in gourmet-style American restaurants, where they focus on serving fantastic menu creations within a vibrant, street-style ambience. With three successful brands under their belt VMHG has now embarked on international expansion and are inviting qualified candidates to travel to Zurich in November to meet VMHG, visit and try the brands and discuss exclusive franchise development opportunities in your country.

The Bite brings you an experience beyond just the best burger you've ever had. From the interior design concept to the lively playlists, the warm & outgoing staff to the incredible people you'll find yourself sitting next to, The Bite creates an unforgettable ambience that will leave your guests coming back for more. Brisket offers authentic, mouth-watering Texan BBQ combined with a stylish, urban dining experience. Caters to a high-volume of guests, requires minimal kitchen space and offers above industry-standard margins. Yardbird is not just a fried chicken restaurant, it serves a high-quality gourmet product using top shelf ingredients, and targets a metropolitan clientele. Impress your guests with Swiss quality & hospitality and benefit from a menu designed to promote ease of execution while also maintaining an excellent cost structure.