Join us at #WokBoyzDiscoveryDay

One on One Meetings with Gaurav Sabharwal

WokBoyz Discovery Day
18 - 19 Aug, 2020

WOK BOYZ is a concept which brings a hip & cool vibe to its diners right from Customisable WOKs, Awesome Appetizers, instagrammable graffiti murals to pumping beats playing out from the venue.

WOK BOYZ is the brainchild of a food fanatic, aiming to bring the authentic flavors from the streets of the Far East, infusing them with an urban environment. Placing freedom and power of wok customization in the hands of the customer, foodies and wok fanatics alike can take charge and create their own experience. From base, freshly sourced vegetables, protein, sauces and toppings - no one visit will ever have to be the same!