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Hesburger is seeking master franchisees and area developers in the MENA/GCC region

Hesburger Discovery Day
4 - 5 Dec, 2018
Intercontinental Hotel
Festival City

Hesburger is Finland's #1 QSR concept with more than 480 restaurants operating in 10 countries.

This Finnish, family-owned company began in 1966 with a little grill stand and it keeps on growing. The secret behind Hesburger's success has always been delicious food and hard work.

Hesburger's recipe for success? The most important thing is the taste of the products. Another key ingredient is friendly service which Hesburger maintains by constantly training its personnel. Hesburger also emphasize the cleanliness of its facilities and product consistency.

At Hesburger, customers can enjoy a delicious burger with a side order of friendly service, no matter which restaurant you visit in Finland or abroad. This doesn't just happen by chance - Hesburger's operations are founded on strict adherence to the Hesburger chain concept system.

The chain concept system encompasses just about every single thing customers encounter when visiting a Hesburger restaurant: interior decor, customer service, information systems, products, logistics, equipment development, training, environmental programme, marketing, product development, supervision, etc.

A uniform concept and system ensures a consistent taste and positive Hesburger experience in every Hesburger restaurant worldwide. The uniform concept and system also makes things easier for Hesburger franchise owners, as the solutions are already tested and proven.


  • The Best Flavor. Food Taste - a fundamental factor.
  • Famous sauces from Hesburger's own production - one of the main factors, guaranteeing success.
  • Its secret recipe, coined many years ago to this day, meets the taste of our guests!
  • Preparation only of first-class products
  • Hesburger always uses only 100% beef
  • Hesburger Meals are always served fresh

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