Join us at #AstoriaFranchiseDXB

One-on-One Meetings with key Executives from Chile's leading sandwich franchise.

Astoria Discovery Day
4 - 5 Dec, 2018
Intercontinental Hotel
Festival City

Astoria Original Chilean Sandwiches is seeking country developers in the Middle East North Africa Region including Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuwait, Oman, Bahrain, Qatar, Egypt, Tunisia, Morocco, Jordan and Lebanon.


Astoria was founded in Concepcion Chile in 2009, the brand has grown very fast base on the efficient operations and great products, quickly people started asking for franchises. Since 2013 Astoria has been selling franchises in Chile and since then the brand and product has achieved an important position in the local fast food market in Chile

Our company will be part of the training in support of all franchise, from day one to 1 month of operations, after that we release the franchise from training however the support will constantly be part of our concern and focus.

What is Astoria Franchise all about?

  • Quality: Fresh products, all the products are made at the order at the time of purchase.
  • Product: Chilean Sandwiches have been ranked by the New York Times as the 10 best types of sandwiches worldwide.
  • Fast: It takes no more than 7 minutes, to have the orders ready for the customers.
  • Cost saving: Our cost structure is 10% more efficient than any competitor.
  • Storage Control: We have a customized control system that lets the franchise have a full control of his inventory and accounting.
  • Innovation: We are constantly innovating our systems to create a differentiation from the competition.
  • Environmental friendly: We don’t use plastic, everything is served to the customer using glasses, silverware and plates.
  • Suppliers control and tracking: With ours most of the suppliers are tracked in terms of quantity of products purchase, invoices, credit and delivery etc.
  • Avant-garde Architecture: All of our locations are designed to show the customers how we prepare the products, involving them in the experience of seeing how we make the food that they have order.

Come and meet Mr. Bruno Veyre Astoria’s Founder & CEO and learn about the Astoria franchise opportunity in your country. This Discovery Day event will feature an in-depth introduction to the Astoria  brand and  business model and you will learn about Astoria’s products and operating system.