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FiltaFry and FiltaSeal is Seeking Franchisees in the GCC Market

FiltaFry Franchise Discovery Day
16 - 17 Nov, 2018
Nassima Royal Hotel

One-on-One Meetings with key Directors

This event will provide an in-depth look at FiltaFry business concept, and an opportunity to discuss the business model and franchise terms with Damian Slater, Head of International Franchise Development at Filta Group, UK.

Since 1996, the Filta Group has been providing unparalleled service around the world to restaurants and other food establishment. “Going Green” was never a commercial or trendy consideration for the group. Filta’s services naturally preserve the environment, by extending the life of cooking oil into biodiesel with FiltaBio.

In an age of climate change, and economic stresses, FiltaFry services are being recognized at the forefront by the food and hospitality industry. Customers are realising more than ever before the many benefits to be gained from Filta’s services.

Multi-Service, Multi-Van Franchise

It is The Filta Group’s commitment to increase the profitability of each franchise owner, year after year. The group are dedicated to providing their Franchisees with new and improved Environmental Kitchen Solutions, so they can maximise the earnings potential at each client. For the past 20 years, the FiltaFry service has spearheaded their growth. Environmental Kitchen Solutions describes their line of innovative services that inherently preserve the environment wherever food is fried.

What do they offer?

  • FiltaFry – Cooking Oil Filtration and Fryer Management.
  • FiltaGold – Fresh Oil Supply
  • FiltaSharp – On-site Knife Sharpening Service
  • FiltaChem – Filta’s Own Brand Cleaning Products
  • FiltaBio - Waste oil removal