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One-on-One Meetings and Food Tastings with Bruno Veyre, CEO of Astoria - Original Chilean Sandwiches

1-on-1 Meetings and Food Tastings with Astoria CEO Bruno Veyre
1 - 20 Jul, 2019
1-2 Jeddah, 2-5 Dubai, 7-9 Singapore, 11-14 Bangkok & 17-20 Kuala Lumpur

Astoria - Original Chilean Sandwiches is going on an around the world roadshow in July including stops in key countries in the GCC and Southeast Asian Regions. Astoria is seeking qualified and capable franchise developers for key markets in these regions and we invite you to attend one-on-one meetings and food tastings with Astoria CEO Bruno Veyre and Astoria Corporate Chef Max to learn more about the Astoria franchise opportunity in your country and to discover why Chilean Sandwiches are rated among the top 10 best sandwiche choices worldwide.

Astoria was founded in Concepcion Chile in 2009 and has grown quickly as a result of great products, satisfied customers and an efficient and easy to manage operating system. Astoria's success lead to many franchise enquiries and since 2013 Astoria has been offering franchises in Chile and has continued to grow achieving a strong position in the local QSR market in Chile. Astoria is now looking to bring its Original Chilean Sandwiches to the world via international franchising and sees the Middle East and Asian Regions as representing a significant opportunity for the brand.

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