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The Latin American "Why"

01 Mar 2016 - Every time I give a speech throughout the Latin American region, from Mexico to Chile and from Peru to Brasil, I begin by asking a question that I have asked myself a huge number of times: "why"? Why are you sitting there, why have you attended the expo instead of going to the gym or sleeping in, why do you have curiosity about the topic of my exposition or why do you feel the need of exploring new worlds? If the world of franchising has taught me something is that every chance, every opportunity, every challenge, and every dream, start with a "why".

When I decided to create Grupo Nexo Franquicia, I asked myself, "why"?. Today, 5 years later, I can tell that I am part of the first and largest Latin American franchise expansion network, that in association with World Franchise Associates, conforms the most important franchise expansion network worldwide ; a leading multinational group able to offer world-class services to the franchising industry in our region and to its newcomers. We are the only firm of its kind in this part of the globe. With our specialized team, we offer unique services though our division such as Brokerage, Consultancy, Online, Education and Capital.

I believe that the secret of our success is to surround ourselves with people and allies that have their "why" very clear. Nothing of what we have achieved has been done only by ourselves, but shoulder to shoulder with exceptional people. And at the end of the day, it is not hard to realize that we are in the people business and that our mission is none other than to share a dream: to create a global brand through a top-ranked franchise system.

Everybody knows what a franchise is, but few people understand why to franchise, and even fewer people are aware of the Latin American opportunities for global brands in-the-making. In other words, very few have discovered the Latin American "why".

Latin America is an economically vibrant region with a 5% average GDP annual growth rate and a quickly developing middle class with disposable income, rapidly closing a 1:10 gap in leading market indicators versus more developed economies. Its regional franchise market is growing at a 25% annual rate, counting over 6,000 brands including more than 100 global names. And its retail industry has grown at a 20% annual rate during the last decade.

Yes, I believe Latin America is the future of global franchising and that the global players that understand its "why", will conquer it. And this is what Grupo Nexo Franquicia, together with World Franchise Associates, can offer, the way forward. I believe franchising as a reinvention system and an oracle of the "why"; it could be the solution for many brands who are seeking to leave their footprint on this world. We are here to offer them that opportunity and provide them with the best professional support.
Fernando Lopez de Castilla