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The F&B Franchise Industry Experiences Steady Growth in the Middle East

22 Nov 2018 - This blog is the third in a series of three. It is a continuation from the previous blog - Broader Global Franchise Trends Drive Brands to Focus on Southeast Asia.

As several brands from the GCC and Middle East have experienced steady growth, they are now turning their attention to Southeast Asia -- Many with a specific focus on Malaysia, Indonesia and Brunei.

One such example is 150-year-old oriental perfume specialist Abdul Samad Al Qurashi, based in Mecca in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The brand concluded a 4-country master franchise for Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore and Brunei in 2018. Kuwait-based Let's Popcorn is also looking for franchisees and distributors across Southeast Asia having successfully expanded to its neighboring countries in the GCC region.

While perhaps not as active in capitalizing on ASEAN franchise opportunities as brands from some of the other regions, there are also a number of European brands exploring expansion opportunities in the region. These brands are from the UK, France, Spain, Germany, Portugal and other markets.

With brands from all over the world looking at expansion opportunities across Southeast Asia, there is an unprecedented number and variety of franchises available to investors from the region looking to add to an existing brand portfolio; or diversify an existing business via investing in a franchise. This represents a positive development for the region and the franchise industry as a whole.
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