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Costa Coffee (UK) Celebrates its 80th UAE Store

17 Oct 2011 - Costa Coffee has today announced the successful opening of yet another store in the UAE, bringing the total number of outlets to 80. The operation, owned by Emirates Leisure Retail is a hugely successful franchise of the UK-based Costa Coffee brand which boasts 2,000 stores worldwide.

Costa has maintained strong sales growth in the UAE since the opening of its first store at the Aviation Club, in Garhoud in 1999. Since then, its presence in the region has increased steadily with the 80th store now open and six more expected to open by the end of this year.

The steady expansion of the Costa brand in the UAE, a region with a strong coffee culture and no shortage of providers, indicates a growing preference amongst consumers for the hand-crafted coffee and innovative products that set Costa apart from its competitors.

?Costa?s success in the UAE has been well fought? said Eric Hughes, General Manager, for Costa Coffee UAE. There are many other coffee providers in the market but Costa?s winning combination of handcrafted coffee, an extensive food range, specially trained baristas and convenient store locations has seen our popularity increase. This is our 80th store but the demand is there for many more at this stage.?

To meet the increased staffing requirement, Costa has welcomed 55 new recruits this month to undergo intensive barista training before being deployed in stores across the UAE. The new recruits will round out the current workforce to approximately 600-strong, with plans to recruit a further 200 employees over the next 12 months.

The applicant screening process is rigorous with only an estimated five out of every 100 applicants being hired. Recruitment will be focussed on new markets to reflect Costa?s diverse customer base including: China, Egypt and Russia as well as the established and successful recruitment grounds of India, Kenya and the Philippines.
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