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Icons Coffee Couture (Germany) Now Brewing in UAE, Austria and Saudi Arabia

21 Jun 2018 - The ICONS Lounge Concept is a luxury segment to the high street coffee chain with stores spanning over 250 m2, with inlays of gold, and an interior designed for exclusive boutique exhibitions, display of art and fashion shows.

ICONS Coffee Couture, a fashion and lifestyle coffee shop chain offering healthy options for delectable desserts, opens its latest ICONS Lounge concept at the Abu Dhabi Royal Ladies Club and Riviera Mall, Dammam, Saudi Arabia. Having previously opened seven owned branches and two franchised units across the UAE, the German concept is looking at setting up 6 more branches within 2018 in the UAE, with the Abu Dhabi Royal Ladies’ club concept being one of them. The latest Store addition is created to serve, among Abu Dhabi Ladies, Her Highness Sheikha Fatima Bint Mubarak and Delegation with her Maijles within the Abu Dhabi Royal Ladies Club. The ICONS Lounge is a luxury segment to the high street coffee chain with stores spanning over 250 m2, with inlays of gold, and an interior designed for exclusive boutique exhibitions, fashion shows and art exhibits, as well as live piano and band music on special occasions and during fixed times. The Icons Lounge just opened its doors in Saudi Arabia as the world’s largest ICONS branch, with a 400 m2 inlet and 200 m2 outdoor seating area in Riviera Mall, Dammam and a huge success. The brand is set to launch 25 more outlets, with 2 new locations already under wraps. Since the café concept has started to franchise, its growth has been continuous around the GCC and Europe. The franchise partners of ICONS Coffee Couture in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is Eram International. The chain is now available in 6 countries and counting, including Qatar, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Oman and Austria.

Talking about the Exclusive Lounge concept opening at the Abu Dhabi Royal Ladies Club, Elena Weber, Founder, ICONS Coffee Couture, said, “The ICONS Lounge concept is a destination for all things fashion-forward and luxury in the third-wave coffee culture at an affordable price point. In keeping with our base innovation of desserts, coffees and teas especially created for a calorie-conscious clientele who only want the best in taste, service and presentation, the Lounge concept takes off, after Icons Standard and Icons Express, as our premiere luxury segment, with live piano concert music, carefully curated works of art over gold-inlaid walls and some truly crème versions of our already premium organic coffees and confections. After our global launch in Austria, as well as expansions along Europe, the Middle East and Asia, the next step forward seemed to be this concept, which has attracted the attention of a new niche clientele and serves as our flagship stores.”

ICONS Coffee Couture is a Fashionable Coffee Franchise Concept, created by German Model Elena Weber accompanied by a team of fashion lovers and motivated professionals. The concept borrows heavily from the latest trends in the fashion industry and strives to promote a healthy, but joyful lifestyle amongst its clientele with organic coffees, fresh juices, skinny cakes, nutritious waffle burgers and German breakfast platters.

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