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OsteoStrong (US) Signs Franchise Agreement for Australia

03 Dec 2018 - World renowned franchise OsteoStrong has arrived in Australia.

Opening their first centre at 85 Riversdale Road hawthorn Victoria on November 21st to a roaring success the famous USA based franchise chain is backed by international celebrity Tony Robbins and Spectrum inventor and speaker Dr John Jaquish. With rapid growth plans OsteoStrong plans to open 30 sites in Australia and New Zealand, with Adelaide, Sydney, and Canberra all locked in for post Christmas opening, Master franchise owner and Managing Director Perry Eckart stated.

In Australia, convenience is highly valued!

We are all so busy and time poor and as a result of this and other dietary and lifestyle factors, most of us are becoming physically deconditioned! Did you know that more than 50% of Australians live with chronic disease and pain! And more than one third of these conditions could be eliminated with very simple diet and lifestyle changes.

We now have a greater risk of dying from chronic conditions including obesity, diabetes and musculoskeletal disease than heart disease, cigarettes or cancer. Today more than 1 in 20 deaths are directly or indirectly due to musculoskeletal diseases and osteoporosis is the leading cause.

One third of women over 50 years old will have a hip fracture and half of these will die due to complications within 2 years. And half of those that survive will require institutional care in the first year. One fifth of men over 70 will suffer a hip fracture and two thirds of those will die within 2 years due to complications.

The brittle bones of Australians over 50 cost $3.1 billion in 2017 and the total cost over 10 years will climb to nearly $22 billion by 2022. Unfortunately, the chronic deconditioning of our population is happening at an alarmingly faster rate and at a younger age and will soon start to affect our whole economy, as effective working life is reduced due to illness.

We are conditioned to believe that as we age, we slow down, we get weaker and everything starts to hurt!! Our phone contact lists gets smaller and everyone’s name starts with "D" for Doctor! So, it goes without saying that the health of our skeleton, which is the foundation that all our organs, muscles, tendons, ligaments and fascia are attached, is extremely important and that the responsibility for its HEALTH rests squarely with us.

We only have one body and only one skeleton! Our Balance, Posture, Strength, Power, Agility & Energy....our freedom to perform everyday tasks without pain and restriction is affected by our skeleton. And as we age, our mobility, our dignity and ultimately our longevity, all depend on our skeletal health.

The really exciting news is that at OsteoStrong we engage in skeletal strength conditioning, something that no other business in Australia can claim or achieve in a fast, convenient service. And amazingly at OsteoStrong centres, almost everyone between 12 and 96 years old can become stronger, have better posture, better balance, better agility and many people can reduce or eliminate joint, muscle and back pain. In the US, Sweden, UK and Spain we’ve seen amazing results with OsteoStrong members improving their bone and muscle strength plus reduce or eliminate joint, muscle and back pain.

At OsteoStrong "YOU" can DIY bio-hack your central nervous system to workout smarter, not harder. In less than 10 minutes once a week we can build bones, make you stronger and provide significantly better balance. Sessions are sweat free, no pain, all gain!

So as famous US entrepreneur, blogger and biohacker Dave Asprey from Bulletproof has repeatedly said, “OsteoStrong IS the ultimate bio-hack”. OsteoStrong is highly recommended for children, who up to age 20 are still building bone density. It’s like investing in their bone health, plus it helps make them fracture proof for sports and daily activities. Building your child’s “bone-bank” is like investing in their education - the more they put away when they’re young, the longer it should last as they get older. Getting this message out to all parents is critical, as we don’t want the next generation being called “Generation B” for breakage!

For serious athletes, OsteoStrong helps strengthen tendons, ligaments, joints and bones so they can recruit more muscles safely. They can build a stronger foundation based on super bone density for high performance explosive action fuelling their performance on the track or field and helping make them fracture and injury proof.

At OsteoStrong we also work in co-operation with medical and allied health professionals. We fill in the blanks relating to exercise dosage for people with low bone density, poor balance and muscle tone, which we know indicate high fall and fracture risks.

Doctors know the dosage protocols for medications, supplements and diets, however until now, they have not known the correct dosage requirements for exercises required to build healthy new bone. Now thanks to Dr John Jaquish and more than 25,000 peer reviewed studies from all around the World, we know that by using osteogenic loading at OsteoStrong Centres, we can provide a very controlled and safe environment for high impact emulation, which we know grows strong healthy new bone, makes your muscles stronger and improves your balance, which all help reduce your fall and fracture risk.

We know the exercise dosage requirements, OsteoStrong results are measurable and we can provide technical reports to monitor members progress.