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UAE Companies Plan to Expand the "Franchise" System in Gulf and Global Markets

10 Dec 2018 - UAE companies are currently expanding their brands in the GCC and Europe markets by using franchises for their brands, "Franchise." UAE officials told Emirates Today on the sidelines of the exhibition and the global forum of UAE companies are currently expanding their brands in the GCC and Europe markets by using their franchises for their brands.

"The expansion of the Franchise system supports the growth of their companies, especially with the confidence acquired in foreign markets by emerging brands," said the officials at the Emirates Today, on the sidelines of the exhibition and the World Franchise Forum, which opened recently at the Dubai World Trade Center. In the markets of Dubai and the UAE.

"There is a growth in the UAE companies' uptake of the Franchise system. However, most companies suffer from a lack of awareness of the standards of Franchise and the absence of operating systems and legal support structures," he said, pointing out that the value of the Middle East's francais market is currently estimated at $ 34 billion.

UAE Companies

"The current edition of the exhibition witnessed the growth of the number of participating UAE companies, with 40 of the 90 exhibitors participating in the exhibition," said Anas Al Madani, Vice President and Chief Executive Officer of INDEX Holding, As compared to only 15 Emirati brands last year, indicating the extent of the high participation rate and attention to those companies with external expansion ».

"Small and medium-sized companies in the country are still suffering from a lack of awareness of the importance of expanding the system and how it works," he said, adding that the expansion of the system supports the growth of small and medium-sized enterprises and raises the number of UAE brands in international markets. Through the use of franchise fees from foreign markets for the use of UAE brands, especially as the country has moved from a center to attract brands and «Franchise» global to the center of the source of those signs currently to the world markets.


For his part, the founding president of the company «End 500» UAE, Mahmoud Patroi, that «his company expanded in the markets of the state, a project that operates a system of restaurants and meals that adopt the concept of healthy meals, which are all meals under the (index of 500 calories), through The use of recipes and cooks from different countries, with the formation of calories according to consumer demand, which led to the spread of demand for the idea locally ». He added: "We have started working on expanding the Gulf through the signing of contracts to open 20 branches in Saudi Arabia franchise system of the brand, while we are expanding the markets of Britain and a number of Gulf and Arab markets in the coming period, through various discussions aimed at reaching the number of branches to 60 branches At the level of global markets ».

"Small and medium-sized companies can benefit from the Franchise system to grow their business significantly, with confidence in emerging markets in emerging markets in Dubai and the UAE in general. «Frances».

Gulf Markets

"The company and its subsidiaries in the UAE are now expanding into a number of Gulf and European markets, as well as discussions to expand in the markets," said Lida Salha, marketing director of JP Brands Management. India, Turkey and South Africa. "

"The company has expanded locally with Just Fresh and Just Burger and is currently working to expand its brands in Gulf and Arab markets in the coming period," said Khalid Al Shenqiti, General Manager, Global Corp Group. "His company has expanded in the local markets and is expanding in the coming period in Gulf and Arab markets through discussions with several companies to use the company's brands," he said.

"Emaar Sharafuddin, Chairman and CEO of Franciscorp Middle East, said:" There has been a growth in the popularity of UAE SMEs to operate in the franchise by up to 30% during the year. Compared to last year, according to the company's monitoring of local markets ».

He added that the UAE SMEs, despite the many opportunities for them to expand the system «Frances», but a number of challenges facing the lack of awareness of the system «Franks» and how to work and the absence of operational systems and legal eligibility, pointing out that the value of the market «Frances» In the Middle East during the current year of $ 34 billion, according to recent market studies monitored by the company.

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