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MUSE Global (US) Targets India as Next Step in International Expansion

10 Jun 2019 - MUSE Global, an innovative early childhood education franchise founded by James Cameron, Suzy Amis Cameron and Rebecca Amis, has announced plans to expand into India and is actively seeking owners. MUSE Global began offering franchising opportunities throughout the United States and internationally last fall, with India becoming an early front-runner for MUSE schools.

MUSE Global is perfect for the business owner or educator who is dedicated to helping children and their community, said Jeff King, CEO of MUSE Global. India has a large population of children under the age of 6, which means the country is continuing to examine early childhood development opportunities. It's a perfect time to introduce MUSE School programming to the area.

India is one of several international locations with MUSE Global expansion plans. Prospective owners around the world have been examining the benefits of a MUSE School franchise, a school dedicated to helping children explore their passions, learn core academics and focus on sustainability.

A 2011 Census recorded 164 million children in India aged 0-6, which is larger than the entire population of Japan. As such, early childhood education has become a priority for many organizations in India. According to UNICEF, several constitutional and policy provisions have been made in an effort to provide universal access to quality early childhood education.

Offering early childhood educational opportunities is critical when it comes to putting a child on the path to success, said Rebecca Amis, cofounder and chief innovation officer of MUSE Global. At MUSE, we want education to shape children: who they are and who they will become. The MUSE Global program nurtures their passions while teaching them about life, self-efficacy, sustainability and so much more.

MUSE Global, the international franchise brand of MUSE School, has gained worldwide attention not only for its unique passion-based and child-centered education model but for its focus on sustainability. Encouraging a more sustainable lifestyle among students, MUSE Global offers 100% organic, plant-based lunch programs and specialized courses such as Seed-to-Table.