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Yardbird Southern Fried Chicken (SH) Signs Deal with World Franchise Associates

24 Jun 2019 - Chicken is a universal food, eaten and loved by many different cultures. The way you serve it, the quality of ingredients and the level of curation are some of the ways to help elevate your dish. At Yardbird, the owners created a concept that is easy to interpret, accessible yet sophisticated and it leaves their customers coming back for more.

Yardbird Southern Fried Chicken was created in Zurich, Switzerland in 2017. It is the melting pot of a highly inspired core product – double-fried buttermilk style chicken, extra crispy & tender and brined to perfection. This concept offers the perfect symbiosis of top-shelf ingredients served within a vibrant atmosphere and showcasing the very best of Swiss hospitality.

Von Matt Hospitality Group (VMHG) is the group behind Yardbird and they are a family owned business based out of Zurich. VMHG owns two more American-style fine-casual restaurants in their home market of Zurich and are planning to open their fourth concept late in 2019. With three successful brands under their belt, they have decided to enter the franchising business with Yardbird, targeting the Asia-Pacific region as their entry point. With the growing middle class in APAC, Yardbird proves to be a fantastic opportunity to present a widely eaten food in a creative and memorable way.

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