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Cinnabon (US) Egypt Franchisee UFB Opens First Drive-Thru Store in Egypt

09 Mar 2021 - Cinnabon Egypt franchisee UFB is opening the company's first drive-thru store in the Middle East in Egypt. According to an email from parent company, Focus Brands, the store is part of the first drive-thru mall in the country, where Cinnabon is already well-established.

The Waterway Drive Thru Development in Cairo contains a number of food and beverage brands, along with residences and offices in the surrounding area. The Cinnabon drive-thru store in the development will fully open later this year under United Beverage & Food, which owns 38 Cinnabon stores in the Middle East. In fact, UBF is the brand's third largest franchise group globally.

"We consider ourselves brand-builders, partners, and with the awe-inspiring support of Focus brands, we always have the room to innovate and improve," UBF President Mohamed Nagui said in a recent review of the company's innovations.

"We were always pioneers, across the years in introducing the new Cinnabon look and feel, the bakery, cafe. In 2005, UBF opened the first ever street-side Cinnabon in the world (and) … was also the first franchisee in the Cinnabon system to introduce a central production facility for all Cinnabon semi-finished products, from dough to filling, toppings and smears. … Now in 2021, UBF is opening the first prototypical Cinnabon drive-thru bakery in the world at Waterway."

Cinnabon is based in Atlanta and has more than 1,200 locations.