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Surf Lakes Surf Parks (Australia) Now Seeking International Development Partners

31 Mar 2021 - Surf Lakes International – the company which has developed unique, world leading surf park technology – is seeking development partners across the globe to license its IP and take surfing to the world.

Interest in Surf Lakes’ game-changing wave pool technology has increased enormously in recent months, and to cater for its global roll out, Surf Lakes has appointed a team of sales directors and who are targeting key markets such as the US, UK, broader Europe, The Middle East, Australasia and China including World Franchise Associates (WA).

The potential for licensees is enormous. With the technology able to produce over 2000 rides per hour and with the capacity to cater for all levels/ability of surfing simultaneously while providing a true beach like experience, the revenue expectations are the largest in the wave pool space. And with 800 metres of beach front real estate available on the perimeter surrounds, the capacity to create lucrative retail/F&B experiences for a broader market is endless.

Founder and CEO of Surf Lakes, Aaron Trevis, imagined the concept of the concentric wave mechanism while tossing rocks in the water with his then-small children. Seeing the small ripples fanning out from the centre, he began working on replicating the effect at larger and larger scales envisioning that waves could be created that are big enough for people to ride. In 2018, his dream became a reality and as a result the 99 per cent of the world who have yet to experience the thrill of riding waves (due to location etc) will now be able to do so in a controlled and safe environment.

Aaron commented that “There is a genuine opportunity for visionary potential licensees to create lucrative facilities that cater to surfer and non-surfers alike,” said Trevis. “The surfing lifestyle is an aspiration one, and we can now offer a true beach-like experience to those who previously have not been able to access it.”

Christopher Brinkley of World Franchise Associates added “With their new technology Surf Lakes sets a new benchmark for Surf Park entertainment with the potential for unrivalled entertainment for anyone who wants to enjoy surfing from beginners to professionals”. Christopher added “WFA is honoured to be supporting Surf Lakes with their international development”.

Despite the wave pool market being relatively new it is certainly emerging as a true growth behemoth. Surf Lakes has distributed highlights from its demonstration days and the feedback from the broader community has been nothing short of sheer excitement and anticipation. (See PUMPED here.)

For more information about international licensing opportunities with Surf Lakes please contact Christopher Brinkley at or at +44 7947 414968.

World Franchise Associates