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World Franchise Associates Signs Agreement with Karmello Chocolatier (Poland)

17 Sep 2018 - Exclusive agreement targets development opportunities in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) and Northern Africa for creative artisans of heavenly chocolate confections and coffee products

World Franchise Associates has announced the signing of an agreement to exclusively represent Karmello Chocolatier (Poland) for development opportunities in the GCC and Northern Africa. World Franchise Associates expertly assist franchisors to enter new international markets and provide international franchise advisory services to corporate and private investors who wish to expand their franchise portfolios or enter the franchise market.

Karmello Chocolatier, country origin Saudi Arabia, are expert chocolate artisans who handcraft heavenly chocolate confections using carefully selected ingredients for a distinctive and innovative taste. The brand’s goal is to create a rich experience for customers about what the true taste of chocolate and coffee should be.

The dynamic development and growth of the company stems from a passion for making the best chocolate. The brand’s cafes serve mouth-watering desserts and Karmello famous drinks. Each product is handmade using delicate Belgian chocolate guaranteeing that each piece is imbued with a piece of magic from the chocolate manufacturer. The team of confectioners and chocolatiers work hard to ensure that the chocolate tasting experience is a remarkable one.

Paul Cairnie, Chief Executive Officer World Franchise Associates said, “Karmello chocolate is a heavenly experience of irresistible smooth, and flavorful chocolate products and drinks for customers. The brand’s secret lies in quality ingredients and expert processing, combined with a spirit of innovation that continues to refine Karmello chocolate.”

Karmello offers theoretical training for master franchisees in all aspects of the Karmello culture including vision, mission, core values, food safety, and customer care. In addition, master franchisees also receive practical hands-on training.

For more information about Master Franchise opportunities, please click this LINK .

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World Franchise Associates (, based in London, is an international franchise development consultancy, marketing and media company. With more than 25 years of international franchise experience, the company offers a comprehensive franchise development program including: assisting businesses with international franchise expansion, advising companies and high net worth individuals seeking to acquire the rights to operate brands in their markets, and guiding successful multi-unit businesses through the development of franchise systems for international expansion.

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