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VeganBurg to Receive the 74th Title From Fast Casual and to Grow in the USA

28 May 2019 - 2019 is officially the year of the plant-based quick service restaurant boom lead by VeganBurg’s success

Instagrammable food, clean food, food technology, clean meat - these are just some of the keywords and trends that capsules 2019’s food industry. For Singapore-based VeganBurg, the business in quick service is just getting brighter. From big brands to small family-owned businesses, people can’t seem to shake their insatiable taste for burgers and fries off. Which is why, it didn’t really come as a surprise when the Southeast Asia’s secret has started making waves in the United States with its first successful location in San Francisco. Earlier this month in Chicago, VeganBurg received the 74th title from Fast Casual, America’s leading news and information source for events, trends, and people in the $23.5 billion fast casual restaurant industry segment.

“This award is exceptional, not only it is a testimony of what we do, but also, an affirmation to our vision of building the burger of the new generation. In addition, it will also help accelerate our work in teaming up with only the best investors, partners and franchisee to help us with our immediate expansion in California.” Alex exclaimed. “While each winner offered customers a little something extra to differentiate it from its competitors, the top performers also shared important similarities — a heavy emphasis on employee training, high-quality ingredients, technology upgrades, brand culture and a passion for giving back to their communities”, Cherryh Cansler, VP of Editorial, Networld Media Group said.

But that isn’t to say that the fast casual industry is dormant. Customer demands are endlessly evolving and businesses need to meet the demand head-on in order to keep up. Consumers are now hungry, more than ever, for something that is healthy, quick, and picture-perfect delicious. Driven by the Snapchat and Instagram generation, the quick service industry is changing in a heartbeat and VeganBurg is leading the change. VeganBurg launched in 2010 and has quickly built a reputation as a pioneer in plant-based QSR and food technology.

The Singapore-born brand offers 100% plant-based, bespoke burgers featuring global flavors and a wide-ranging sidekicks selection throughout its two locations in Singapore and San Francisco, the epicenter of the plant-based movement in the United States. The quick service restaurant is for people of all ages, from all walks of life. Whoever you are, whatever you do, VeganBurg has something for you to enjoy. The raw industrial-safari chic ambience provides the perfect back-drop for the best burger experience.

What truly sets VeganBurg apart from other quick service outlets is the chain’s dedication to their craft and crew. They take pride on their humble beginnings and their crew diversity. The focus on amazing burgers and putting their crew at the heart of their game is paying off, with VeganBurg reaching three key milestones:. 1. Exponential sales growth since opening in 2015 - with a sales growth of over 40% YoY; 2. Bestowed the San Francisco Green Business Award in 2017; and 3. Opened its doors for franchising in the United States in 2018. And in less than a month after announcing their franchise fleet, VeganBurg signed their first franchisees in California.

In addition, VeganBurg has streamlined its operations and documented its unique offering so prospective franchisees can adapt quickly to the QSR game. The brand is developing its network of franchise locations –seeking passionate partners to propel the VeganBurg promise and movement nationwide. VeganBurg is currently raising funds to open more restaurants in California and beyond. As of press time, they are working on opening more stores in San Francisco’s Bay Area targeting operations by the end of 2020. Chrissie Hynde, Steve Aoki, and Oliver Sykes of Bring Me The Horizon are just some of high-profile personalities who rave about them. “To anyone interested in seeing VeganBurg become a local in your town, I can vouch for the purity and excellence that anything with Alex Tan’s name on it will guarantee. His total dedication to making the world a better place impressed me even more than his burgers.” said rock legend, Chrissie Hynde.

Reflecting on their success thus far, Tan said, "VeganBurg is a healthier and more sustainable option. People can see that it's fast food for the future. And because of our Singapore roots, our menu items will continue to push global flavors and offerings." This award marks the official step for a shift towards a more inclusive and plant-based QSR future and VeganBurg is proud to be a pioneer.

About VeganBurg
Since 2010, VeganBurg has been redefining food pop culture and comfort food with its delectable 100% plant-based menu. The fast-casual restaurant is successfully pushing the limit and breaking the stereotype of how a burger could look, feel and taste like by mixing and matching colourful ingredients, daring flavours and gourmet sauces. The brand prides itself with unique East-meets-West recipes, with seasonal specials like Chili Krab, Rasa Sayang, and Curry Dahl burgers throughout the year. All items at VeganBurg are 100% plant-based and cholesterol free.

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