World Franchise Review 2018

WORLD FRANCHISE REVIEW Food Burgers ArmyNavy Burger + Burrito Delivering delicious in every branch Fresh made-to-order TexMex in a fast casual setting Country of Origin Philippines Target Markets South East Asia, East Asia, Middle East, North America, North Africa, worldwide For more details please contact: From its first store in Tagaytay in 2009, ArmyNavy Burger + Burrito has now grown to 60+ stores – and counting. This is not surprising, considering the standards expected of its branches and franchisees. And they are high – standards that draw customers to try, come back and patronize ArmyNavy. For the company, the most important guideline that every branch must adhere to is to deliver delicious food to its customers. How does ArmyNavy “deliver delicious”? It all starts with the ingredients. They make sure all ingredients used are the freshest and of the best quality. For its burger, natural beef patties, crispy lettuce and a big slice of tomato. Scrimping on ingredients is not acceptable, and that you’ll see in their burrito, which is loaded with meat, vegetables and rice, all wrapped in a flour tortilla. For ArmyNavy, there are no shortcuts. Everything they serve is made fresh-to-order in an open-style kitchen that customers can view from outside. ArmyNavy puts in extra effort in preparing all their products because they know that everybody who comes into their stores deserve only the best. Apart from delicious food and excellent service, it is a must for every store to be consistently clean. This is one standard other casual restaurants may forego or slacken, but not ArmyNavy. They consider store condition and cleanliness as important factors in providing a good dining experience to their customers. After all, a well-maintained store environment means that its kitchen is properly maintained and always kept clean and in order. Delivering delicious is a serious business for ArmyNavy. In doing so, they help bring a good feeling to their customers. This inspires ArmyNavy to continue with their efforts, because everybody deserves delicious. 12