World Franchise Review 2018

WORLD FRANCHISE REVIEW Food Beverages & Drinks Pure Nectar Nourishment for a happier you Cold-pressed Juice Production & Distribution Country of Origin Philippines Target Markets South East Asia, Middle East, Africa, Europe, worldwide For more details please contact: Pure Nectar, the premier cold-pressed juice brand leads the way for the healthy lifestyle consumers that demand great taste without sacrificing nutrition. Pure Nectar juices are formulated with just the right combination of fruits, veggies and herbs to extract the maximum nutritional value and create the perfect taste. It’s a science we take very seriously. Our extensive line is 100% natural, fresh, unpasteurized, with no additives or preservatives include: • Cold-pressed juices • Fruit blends • Yogurt blends • Teas & coffees • Cashew nut milk • Juice cleanses Our research team routinely creates new flavors and unique recipes of juice blends that take delicious to a whole new level. Production & Distribution Business Pure Nectar Juice offers a fantastic business model with multiple wholesale and retail rev- enue streams allowing the Area Developer to build a substantial production and distribution business with low operating breakeven and high profit margins. The Pure Nectar Area Developer opens a production facility in an exclusive market producing Pure Nectar juices using locally grown fresh produce. Pure Nectar products are marketed and distributed to area restaurants, coffee shop chains, gyms, office buildings, etc. Retail customers order through our e-commerce site with convenience of delivery to their door. Comprehensive Training, Support and Technology A Pure Nectar Area Developer acquires a complete system for building a substantial business with low investment and huge upside. Our powerful SMART Technology Portal provides seamless, efficient, and smart decision making to operate the business at its optimum. Our experienced international team assists you in everything from facility design, equipment ordering, health & safety, production planning, and technology as part of the Pure Nectar franchise package. In addition, we provide comprehensive training for the entire team, operations and marketing support on an on-going basis. Operating profit 40% + 2-Year ROI 42