World Franchise Review 2018

WORLD FRANCHISE REVIEW Food Casual Dining 62 Nellai Nadar Mess Authentic Nellai Cuisine from Tamil Nadu Authentic South Indian Cuisine Country of Origin India Target Markets UAE, Singapore, Malaysia, USA, UK, South Africa For more details please contact: Nellai Nadar Mess brings to you the most authentic food from the kitchens of Tamil Nadu. It is regarded as the one of the most aromatic cuisines due to it distinguiable aroma and taste of traditional vegetarian and non-vegetarian items. At Nellai Nadar Mess our food is more than just 5 colours on a plate. It is rich, decadent, full bodied and extremely unapologetic. Indian spices are known for their anti-oxidant, anti – inflammatory, digestive and anti-septic properties. The versatility of each spice to as as an element of flavor and as medicine makes this cuisine more than special. The layout of Nellai Nadar Mess brings in the feeling of having home cooked food with a family. The efficiency of the mess is enhanced by the quick service time of 5 mins from the time of order, the hygiene and cleanliness of the diner, kitchen and the friendly atmosphere resulting in high APC. Why should one invest in Nellai Nadar Mess: • Fastest growing Indian restaurant chain • Well trained Top Chef provided by the parent company • State of the art kitchen equipments from approved and tested vendors • Training support provided in customer service and management apart from kitchen pre and post launch • Guidance with kitchen staffing • Guidance with Location selection and lease negotiation • In house project team to help with layout and project execution • Marketing support – Guidance in pre and post launch marketing campaign • In house design team which will take care of all art work requirements for marketing collaterals • Guidance in menu engineering • Guidance in financials • Low investment