World Franchise Review 2018

WORLD FRANCHISE REVIEW Food Fast Casual Attila Mongolian Grill Select your own meal Mongolian grill fast casual dining concept with self-selection twist Country of Origin USA Target Markets Bahrain, Oman, Libya, Jordan, Egypt, Tunis, Algeria, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, UAE For more details please contact: A fun, fresh and unique concept that reflects customers’ healthy and active lifestyles, Attila Mongolian Grill gives customers complete creative control over their meals...and they love it! “Today’s consumers are more health conscientious and are constantly looking for a healthier alternative to the fast food,” says Attila Mongolian Grill President Pierre Hatem. “They want healthy eating, they want it affordable and they want it fast! Attila Mongolian Grill defines the freedom and individuality that customers desire in a unique dining experience.” The ‘select-it-yourself’ style starts when customers enter the buffet area, filling their four bowls with their choice of different meats, seafood, fresh vegetables, noodles and a unique variety of savoury sauces. Next stop is the grill - the focal point where customers watch their personal selections being prepared by Mongolian Grill chefs. “Our food selections offer the best quality fresh ingredients and are changed daily,” Hatem explains. “Attila Mongolian Grill provides a healthy and a fun dining experience for people of all national and ethnic backgrounds, vegetarians and meat lovers alike. It’s a truly unique eating experience in a food court environment.” The diversified yet simple menu and stir-fry cooking require much lower operation costs and yield higher margins for franchise owners. Prior food-service experience is not necessary, all area developers are trained to efficiently own and operate an Attila Mongolian Grill by the time their doors open. Initial and ongoing support is provided in store design, site selection, architectural planning, interior design and equipment layout, marketing planning and employee training. Franchise agreements are already in place in Middle East markets with locations operating in Qatar, Lebanon and Kuwait. “This is the right time to join this growing healthy dining trend,” says Hatem. “Attila Mongolian Grill is totally committed to becoming a powerful international brand with strong consumer positioning and brand loyalty. With limited alternatives to the unique Mongolian food genre, customers keep returning for a dining experience at the forefront of healthy eating.” 30