World Franchise Review 2018

WORLD FRANCHISE REVIEW We are pleased to bring you this 9 th edition of World Franchise Review commissioned by World Franchise Associates. With each new edition of this highly anticipated bi-annual publication we see franchising as a preferred international business format, stretching its reach across every continent and into more and more countries. It is safe to say that franchising has truly gone global. There are now franchise businesses operating in more than half of the world’s 195 countries with franchise associations have now been established in over 70 countries. The successful march of global franchising represents a compelling reason for businesses to evolve their brands at a much earlier stage into a franchise-able format with the goal of looking beyond their domestic markets for growth and the creation of brand equity. The proliferation of franchising, whilst creating opportunities for franchisors and franchisees also brings opportunities across the franchise industry’s eco-system. The need for qualified and capable franchise industry experts who have expertise and experience that spans across multiple countries and regions has never been higher and demand for such experts is effectively outpacing supply. As the franchise pie increases and technology continues to make the world a smaller place, traditional views on competition versus co-operation amongst franchise industry stakeholders are also starting to evolve to meet the changing needs of the industry. Franchise industry stakeholders, who adopt these changes, will be those best poised to take a larger slice of the pie over the coming months and years. Nonetheless stakeholders, who understand the importance of building strong and enduring relationships based on integrity and trust will continue to thrive. As with previous World Franchise Review editions this edition is published for the reading pleasure of brand owners and operators, current and potential franchisors and franchisees, commercial real estate developers, entrepreneurs and investors who have an interest in acquiring franchise rights for an international brand and for those actively involved in the international franchise industry. This edition includes detailed introductions to approximately 100 brands from across a wide spectrum of the F&B, retail and service sectors of the franchise industry. These great brands are all actively expanding internationally, and all are proudly represented by World Franchise Associates. This edition delivers information that will be of value and interest to the target audience covering international franchise news; articles relating to franchising in key regions such as East Asia, the Middle East and Latin America written by franchise industry experts from those regions and details of key franchise expos and events taking place in Asia and internationally over the next 12 months. We trust that you will enjoy reading this edition of World Franchise Review as much as we enjoyed bringing it together for you and we would love to hear from you with your feedback. Wishing you all the best in your franchise endeavours. Troy Franklin for and on behalf of World Franchise Review and World Franchise Associates Introduction Contents WFA News SE Asia Franchise Directory Paul Cairnie Food Burgers News Asia Pacific Food Pizza Food Chicken News India-China Food Fast Casual Food Beverages & Drinks Food Quick Service Food Food Treats News Americas Food Themed Food Casual Dining Food Premium Martin Hancock Sary Hamway Troy Franklin Jake Kidde-Hansen Christopher Brinkley For subscription enquiries please contact: Editor Troy Franklin Producer Rich Backstrom Designer Mad About Solutions Retail Children Retail Fashion Retail Convenience Store Retail Franchise Retail Catering Supplies News Europe Services Child Related Services Education Services Laundry Services Hotel Services Fitness Services Property Related Retail Pet Care Int’l Franchise Events 2 5 6 9 10 15 16 20 23 24 31 32 37 46 52 53 58 59 64 70 77 79 80 81 84 85 88 89 91 94 95 96 103 105 Head & Heart Special Feature News MENA Retail Perfume & Cosmetics Retail Health & Wellness 1