World Franchise Review 2018

WORLD FRANCHISE REVIEW Retail Perfume & Cosmetics LeSoie Bridging West and East Luxury handmade natural and organic cosmetics Country of Origin Belgium Target Markets GCC, MENA, Iran, USA, China, EU, worldwide For more details please contact: Meet one of the most dynamically developing brands in the Middle East. Natural, handmade, Belgian, luxurious cosmetics from LeSoie Cosmetics are suitable for the whole family. The brand that made successful entrance to the market four years ago continues its way to success. After introducing over 700 natural personal care products, to MENA region customers, they were working on new offer of cosmetics. Now the number of products in LeSoie collection increased to more than 800. Every year LeSoie put on the market the new lines of cosmetics. The first idea after entering the MENA region was to create a line of cosmetics inspired by luxurious fragrances Middle East. “After covering all personal care, we were working in including fragranced cosmetics including perfumes, body mists and deodorants, to our offer. We were fascinated by the pomp and richness of forms and inspiration. We quickly put our ideas into practice”. Being up-to-date and constantly following the changing world, market trends and customer needs stands LeSoie’s brand. This makes the LeSoie brand increasingly popular among customers on two continents. One of the more well-known products put on the market and greatest successes of the last years was launching, during the Beauty World Middle East, LeSoie great achievement from their laboratories in Belgium, the age-reversing serumRevivor de Soie. The exceptional composition of cosmetic, renews the skin within minutes. It works best with the red led light Opera mask, which is a part of brand offer and already became the MUST HAVE for all women, who wants to get fresher and younger skin in minutes. The numerous tests proved that the serumworks best, when used with the cosmetics frommost luxurious line from Le Soie assortment – the UNICITÉ green tea line. Following the trends, LeSoie went one step further. Last year they repeated the success of previous years. LeSoie launched a line of organic ECOCERT certified cosmetics – Joie Organic, which not only bring many benefits for people, but also help protecting the environment and the animals. Another achievement was launching a line of whitening cosmetics – unique cosmetics for special needs – fighting wrinkles and solving discoloration problem. LeSoie is very dynamically developing also in the area of hair care. Implementing a luxurious collection of hair care treatment – 10in1, based on keratin, was a real cosmetic market hit. Recently LeSoie is process of launching its fragrance line with two very high quality eau de perfumes along with four fragrances of body splashes and four home fragrances. The expansion of the assortment is bound with moving from kiosks to large retail shops of 80m 2 . The premiere of the flag shop took place in Dubai Festival Centre in February 2016. “The shop shows the whole richness of Le Soie assortment. It is an inviting space with the testing zone, so the customers can immediately try out the cosmetics, see the effects on their own eyes and feel them on the skin. We plan to launch the beauty academy with numerous actions and promotions inside the store” says Mr. Mohamed Abdel Azeem the CEO of the company. Now LeSoie operates 6 stores in UAE. In April 2016, we have opened our 130m 2 store in SalamMall in Jeddah. During the 4 th quarter of 2017, the brand has opened its representative 70m 2 shop in Khobar. During the first quarter of 2018, LeSoie has opened 2 unites in the best 2 shopping malls in Muscat. After signing 3 franchise agreements in Riyadh, LeSoie has planned to open 3 stores in the 3 biggest malls of Riyadh during the 2 nd quarter of 2018. The big change was also the launching of a new online store ( ) for those who love LeSoie cosmetics, and because of the location they can not always buy them. The next few years look like they will be equally or more fruitful – the company is opening the new franchises in major retail cities around the world. By opening dozens of new points every year, LeSoie Cosmetics has the chance to become shortly one of the more recognizable brands of Middle East andWorldwide. 78