World Franchise Review 2018

WORLD FRANCHISE REVIEW Services Education 92 Canadian Tourism & Hospitality Institute Tourism & hospitality training The tourism & hospitality education specialist Country of Origin Canada Target Markets Indonesia, Myanmar, Cambodia, Thailand, India, China, MENA, Worldwide For more details please contact: Multi-awarded tourism and hospitality training school founded in 1980 in British Columbia, Canada where it now operates 3 campuses. The first international franchise was opened in Manila, Philippines in 2011 where it is now recognized as the premier source of well-trained hotel and airline workers. • Serves a vast industry, growing global demand for well-trained tourism and hospitality workers • More than 35 years of proven track record in Canada, more than 5 years in the Philippines • Multi-awarded global leader in tourism and hospitality education • Premier source of highly-trained staff for a number of the world’s top tourism enterprises • Course offerings are practical and in-demand • Proven effective system and training methods • Guaranteed extensive, current and industry-validated curriculum • Students will get an international diploma and qualify for employment in just 1 year • Students will take the same curriculum and receive the same diploma issued in Canada • Several secondary revenue streams