World Franchise Review 2018

WORLD FRANCHISE REVIEW Food Beverages & Drinks 38 T BUN Bubble Tea & Buns Authentic Taiwanese Milk Tea Country of Origin Australia Target Markets Southeast Asia, Middle East, Worldwide For more details please contact: World famous Taiwanese Milk Tea also often called Bubble Tea or Boba has been upgraded with the help of Korean franchise experts. T BUN’s menu offering includes bubble tea, tea, coffee, fresh baked buns, donuts and other bakery products. T BUN outlets work in a variety of formats and sizes including In-Line cafes & kiosks, free standing cafes & kiosks, grab-and-go kiosks and carts and in a variety of locations including malls, offices & commercial centers, airports & other transit hubs and other high traffic, high visibility locations. T BUN has 8 stores in South Korea and another in Australia. T BUN is planning an aggressive rollout of 20-30 new stores in South Korea over the next 12 months along with 3 new stores in Australia. T BUN is also planning to expand its business to Southeast Asia, the MENA region, Canada, the UK and other international markets over the next 2 years by identifying qualified and capable T BUN Master Franchisees.