World Franchise Review 2018

WORLD FRANCHISE REVIEW Food Treats 50 Ice-Cream Lab Healthier, smoother, tastier Quick service ice cream retail Country of Origin UAE Target Markets MENA, Worldwide If you thought molecular gastronomy freezing had no application in the high street, quick service sector, think again. Ice-Cream Lab is a US café brand which can promise “the freshest ice cream you’ll ever have,” thanks to its utilization of liquid nitrogen to instantly freeze fresh ingredients into ice cream. “We make each cup fresh as the customer de- sires,” says Majid Ali Ahmed Bin Obood Alfalasi, Managing Director of The Eminence Mind group, which holds the master franchise for the MENA region. “Within a few seconds our state-of-the-art machine instantly freezes the all-natural liquid base in the bowl into ice cream. Customers are stunned as liquid nitrogen flows into the bowl, expands in the air as smoke and then evaporates right in front of their eyes, leaving only a light grey fog show and fresh ice cream behind. For more details please contact: “Ice-Cream Lab’s products contain no added sugar which is a great alternative compared to the other over processed dessert options which are available in the market today. Liquid nitrogen allows us to freeze ice cream on the spot leaving out the need for any additives, preservatives, emulsifiers and other things which you don’t really want to consume. Instead of eating ice cream left on the shelf for few weeks, we make it fresh and right in front of you, making it healthier, smoother and tastier!” With multi-unit agreements in place in the King- dom of Saudi Arabia, Oman, Kuwait, Bahrain, Iraq, Nigeria and Nepal, the MENA Master is seeking investors who are innovative and creative thinkers with a hands-on approach who can bring their passion to develop the Ice Cream Lab brand in other territories.