World Franchise Review 2018

WORLD FRANCHISE REVIEW Services Child Care Tumbles Getting kids moving and thinking Children’s education and entertainment center Country of Origin USA Target Markets Middle East, North Africa, USA, Worldwide For more details please contact: Child obesity is a global epidemic. Worldwide, more than 41 million children 5-and-under are overweight or obese. Why so many? A lack of physical activity is the No. 1 problem. Tumbles is a company that offers a solution. “We want to get children moving and thinking,” says CEO Manish Vakil, “Physical activity is essential for children, even toddlers, and it can help reduce the likelihood of becoming overweight or obese.” As Tumbles’ CEO, Vakil manages a franchise of 9 learning playgrounds in the USA — locations where kids get the recommended 60 minutes of daily physical activity. Indoor playgrounds are growing in popularity. But many businesses in this niche are new, inexperienced and driven solely by financial opportunity. Tumbles is different. For 30-plus years, Tumbles has served families with safe, fun environments where children can play, interact with peers and have a blast — all in a structured way that promotes accelerated development. Through its history, Tumbles has constantly evolved to best meet the needs of families. Today, the company offers a finely tuned experience that kids love for the entertainment and that parents love for the development. At Tumbles, visitors find more than just a place to kill time — they find a carefully crafted environment and curriculum that blends fun with physical, social and mental growth. Tumbles is also employee-owned, which means team members are passionate about and fully invested in serving the Tumbles mission while also growing the business. Every aspect of the company has been scrutinized and improved, including the branding, systems and physical locations. “We offer a complete business model that’s been developed and improved over 30 years,” Vakil says. “Best of all, the model includes a number of revenue streams that help new locations quickly develop needed cash flow.” In short, Tumbles is primed for growth into new markets worldwide. For that reason, Tumbles is now seeking international partners who see the business opportunity — and who are also excited about making a difference in customers’ lives. 89