World Franchise Review 2018

WORLD FRANCHISE REVIEW Services Fitness 98 CycleBar A premium experience Boutique fitness brand offering indoor cycling classes Country of Origin USA Target Markets GCC/Gulf States, Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, Canada, Latin America, Central America, Australia, New Zealand For more details please contact: Offering a fitness workout that is multisensory, therapeutic, holistic and engaging, Cyclebar is positioned at the premium, boutique end of the health and fitness sector. “An experience, not a workout” is how the Cyclebar indoor cycling classes are promoted, with complimentary premium amenities offered in a setting that looks and feels like an IMAX Theatre. “Spinning has been a defined program in fitness studios since 1987 and 10,000 new individuals are certified as spinning instructors every year in the USA,” says the company. “Boutique Fitness has enjoyed 450% growth year over year since 2010. CycleBar is a premium boutique fitness model dedicated to offering the most dynamic fitness experience in the market today.” Launched in 2014 and with its franchise concept implemented the following year, CycleBar has sold 160 territories in the USA and has 50 sites preparing to open by the end of 2015 and in early 2016. “CycleBar’s pay as you go consumer model promises customers an inclusive and affordable experiential retail concept with no contracts, no commitments and no accounts receivable,” the company adds. “CycleBar was built to leverage the existing awareness of and demand for spinning and provide a business opportunity for entrepreneurs to enjoy an exceptionally high margin business that is relatively simple to operate.” The company has identified its primary international expansion goal as entering the MENA regions. Area development or master franchises are suited to individuals and organizations with strong scaleable business experience, while Cyclebar’s own training and support programs remove the requirement for a specific fitness sector background.