World Franchise Review 2018

WORLD FRANCHISE REVIEW Food Beverages & Drinks 40 Roxberry Juice Co. Smoothies & Acai Bowls We make nutricious delicious. Country of Origin United States of America Target Markets United Arab Emirates, Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Canada, All of Europe, Worldwide For more details please contact: Roxberry has created a distinctive concept in a high-growth fresh juice and smoothie niche. A simple menu featuring unique offerings and fresh bold flavors combined with the speed and convenience of quick service places Roxberry at a distinctive advantage in this growing market segment. A Roxberry smoothie is known for the most flavorful and flawless ingredients that Mother Earth has created. Unlike many smoothie concepts, we don’t weigh down our smoothies with syrups, purees, and other unhealthy additives. Our crop reaps only the freshest, premium fruits, proprietary juices, and natural smart shots. You’ll immediately notice the excellent taste and the mystical power of attracting customers. Setting itself apart from other juice concepts, Roxberry focuses on the customer’s total experience. In addition to serving flavorful, fresh juices and made to order smoothies, Roxberry has created an ambiance that invites customers to come often. Together with background music and décor, Roxberry offers a classic and nostalgic experience for their customers.