World Franchise Review 2018

WORLD FRANCHISE REVIEW Food Themed Brasa de Brazil Your journey to Brazil’s most authentic flavors begins here Brazilian Steak House Concept Country of Origin Bahrain Target Markets Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar, Kuwait, Singapore, China, Thailand, Malaysia, UK, USA, Canada For more details please contact: Brasa de Brazil has a one of a kind grand ambiance and a beautiful setting that will leave diners impressed. Brasa de Brazil’s authentic experience resonates as an exciting and memorable moment for customers. Our love for the natural tastes of Brazil are the essence of our unique culinary voyage. Customers can enjoy an unlimited parade of over 15 cuts (includes poultry, sea food, exotic and premium meat) carved at their table by Guachos (Brazilian cow boys) while they enjoy our signature Brazilian cocktails and wine; and are treated to live music and cultural entertainment. Our large salad bar is also the center of attention of our restaurant with more than 25 food items including soups, designer salads, imported cheese, appetizers, sides and hot dishes. For a sweet ending, customers can enjoy our signature grilled cinnamon crusted pineapple and speciality desserts. Our management and operations team, over the years have invested substantial amount of time, efforts and resources within product development, supply chain, management systems and store concept to ensure the optimal and true Brazilian experience is offered to our clients. We source premium meat cuts and poultry fromreputed suppliers only to offer our guests with high grade/ quality product. The brand is ideally positioned for luxury and tourist markets. Brasa De Brazil has been a hotspot for celebrities, corporates, socialites and trend setters. Churrascaria is unique, memorable and guests are left thrilled by the experience. For our regional and international development, Brasa de Brazil is offering franchise rights to investors and individuals seeking to run their own outlets. 61