World Franchise Review 2018

WORLD FRANCHISE REVIEW Retail Fashion 70 Carlota Costa Iconic Style and Signature Dresses Much more than an icon of women’s clothing Country of Origin Brazil Target Markets Middle East (all countries), Stans (Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan), Africa, Egypt, Tunisia, Canada, USA For more details please contact: Carlota Costa was created in mid-2007 with the aim of developing fashion focused on the feminine universe and its small details, prints and embroidery are the strengths of the brand, synonymous with elegance and style. The brand is already a success among Brazilian celebrities such as Alexandra Richter, Bianca muller and others, who use and adore Carlota Costa, making it a national desire, with personality and style. The Carlota Costa collections are developed by a team of designers who interpret the contemporary and classic world fashion. Without losing sight of the position and identity of the brand. The brand caters to women on the rise, in the 20-30 age bracket, with casual lines and concepts, looks that give comfort both for work, gatherings and great events. For those who seek the glamour of the night find in the brand something surprising!