World Franchise Review 2018

WORLD FRANCHISE REVIEW Retail Health & Wellness OSIM Inspiring well-being Bringing healthy lifestyle to you Country of Origin Singapore Target Markets Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuwait, Qatar, Europe, MENA, Worldwide For more details please contact: OSIM is a rapidly developing company, which started as a simple electrical and household appliance company under the name R. SIM Trading Co. in 1980. Three years later, through a massive diversification programme, R SIM Trading began selling health-care related products. By 1987, OSIM had created a distribution network of 10 outlets in Singapore, Hong Kong and Taiwan marketing household goods and health-care related products. Our founder, Dr. Ron Sim, then felt there was market potential for specialty home healthcare products in an increasingly affluent Asia. As early as 1987, we saw that the home healthcare products sector was dominated by a disparate group of equipment manufacturers with little or no emphasis on marketing and as a result there was a lack of brand consciousness among consumers. Hence in 1989, we decided to bring together different home healthcare products from different manufacturers and market them using specialty branding. For this purpose, we created the brand, “Health Check & Care” to build and explore a niche market in home healthcare products. Our business grew rapidly and by 1994, we had 60 outlets in Asia. In our business strategy, we believe that marketing and strengthening our brand equity is of vital importance. Thus in 1996, we officially launched our “OSIM” brand, which we had been using since the early 1990s. “OSIM” is a combination of our founder’s surname and the letter “O” which symbolises our vision to become a globally recognised brand. Currently, we have registered “OSIM” as a trademark in more than 60 countries spanning Asia Pacific, Europe, North and South America, Africa and the Middle East. Over these years, we have become a well-established brand throughout Asia-Pacific, the Middle East, Europe, Africa and North America, due to our distinctive marketing strategy, quality products, excellent customer service and a proven business concept. With over 500 point-of-sales outlets in 25 countries, we at OSIM are proud to be the leader in the rapidly expanding and innovative growth of the healthy lifestyle industry. 81