World Franchise Review 2018

WORLD FRANCHISE REVIEW Retail Health & Wellness Architects of Skin Sophisticated, elegant and ultra-modern Cosmetic and aesthetic clinics Country of Origin Australia Target Markets Middle East, South East Asia, India For more details please contact: Architects of Skin is a high end cosmetic and aesthetic clinic offering the latest medical trends and treatments to the sophisticated and astute client looking to improve their appearance and, in turn, self-confidence. “Architects of Skin is not a beauty therapy clinic or salon, but offers on trend aesthetic medical formulated procedures in a sophisticated, ultra-modern facility,” says CEO Stephanie Sherlock. “Our number one objective is to provide our clients with an experience like they have never experienced before, from the moment they step into one of our clinics until the moment they leave.” Architects of Skin’s range of procedures cover hair growth treatments, laser hair removal, botox and fillers, fractional laser treatments, acne treatments, fat loss, body sculpting, muscle building, skin resurfacing and anti-aging treatments. Architects of Skin has carefully choreographed a high-end client experience, which replaces the waiting room with a visit to its health bar, where dietician prescribed teas, tonics and drinks target desired needs such as hair growth, improved skin complexion, fat loss and increased energy. Post procedure, clients are educated about their treatment and prescribed several retail solutions for their cosmetic concerns such as skin treatment solutions, home use LED therapies, weight loss teas and hair serums. “Our highly trained cosmetic physicians maintain return clientele and our retail products are western brands that are formulated by doctors for maximum effect,” says Sherlock. “The health bar adds another luxury component to the model, providing prescribed refreshments which tie into our holistic approach to health and wellness. For franchisees, margins are very healthy and repeat business is high.” Architects of Skin has been established in Australia since 2013 and offers its products and services through over 1,000 distributors. The company is now launching a franchised network of clinics under its own brand and is already building a presence in the USA, the UK, India and China. “We are targeting countries with sophisticated clientele, who would accept a proven business model at a time where pricing and profits are high,” reflects Sherlock. “Demand is also high and on the increase. “Our ideal franchisee would be willing to invest in a high-end skin and aesthetic clinic where sophistication, elegance, privacy and significant clinical outcomes are achieved. Our franchisee would be highly motivated to provide a service often seen in six star hotels and establishments. Industry experience is not essential however the desire to provide exceptional service and ensure consistency of clinical outcomes is imperative.” 83